Equine dental care services

Espinar Equine offers up-to-date equine dental services such as:

* wolf tooth removal

* diastema widening

* cheek tooth extraction. 

We also perform other advanced dental and sinus surgical procedures.

In addition, we understand the high level of specialisation of certain procedures where referral would be appropriate. This includes Endodontics (root canal), cavity restorations (fillings) and Maxillofacial surgery.

Emiliano Espinar Veterinary Surgeon

Horses’ teeth continually erupt throughout their lives. They also rarely show signs of dental disease until it becomes quite advanced! Dental problems can cause complications like infections or even colic and this is why it is important that horses get annual check-ups. Some horses may even need more frequent dental checks, if they are very young or very old. Existing conditions such as overbite, shear mouth or decayed teeth may also benefit from more regular visits.

   Our equipment

We have both motorised dental rasp kits and manual (hand) rasps. Alongside this is our specialised equipment for treating a variety of equine dental problems. Whether you have an issue with your horse (difficult to bit, quidding etc) or need advice on your horse’s teeth, we offer a comprehensive service. Thorough oral examinations are done, and we offer treatment and advice on dental care including management too. Vets can administer sedatives, local anaesthetics and pain killers if required too. This allows for safer and more comfortable treatment. (Please note that Equine Dental Technicians or “horse dentists” cannot sedate or administer drugs. However we can offer sedation services for EDTs). 

By keeping abreast of innovations in techniques or specialised tools that could benefit our clients’ horses, we maintain a high standard of dental care. This enables us to help you treat and manage a range of conditions to keep your horse’s mouth healthy. Most dental procedures can be carried out at your own yard so please contact us to discuss.

Emiliano Espinar Veterinary Surgeon
Emiliano Espinar Veterinary Surgeon

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