Independent equine veterinary practice

As an independent veterinary practice, we focus on the quality of our visits rather than the quantity! We care about our clients and keeping our client base selective provides you with a better, more personalised experience. We have a family-style approach, with continuity of care and friendly, helpful communication and unbiased advice based on your horse’s individual needs. We are not governed by corporate policies or protocols, which can restrict a vet’s preferences when they work for a nationally run corporation. Some corporate practices only refer to hospitals that are also owned by them. However we will always give you the best options for referral to hospitals or specialists for specific conditions. 

More than 50% of vet practices in the UK are now owned by corporates, often tied to private equity firms (who buy vet practices to generate money for their investors) which we feel could have an impact on patient care and client choices. There are some great vets who work at corporate practices but we believe personal management is important and we are proud to be independent! members of the Federation of Independent Veterinary Practices!)


  Consultancy Services

Dr Emiliano Espinar offers a range of bespoke consultancy services. With over 20 years of experience, awarded Advanced Practitioner Status by the RCVS as well as being a certified member of the International Society of Equine Locomotor Pathology, his expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of equine performance issues enables him to offer advise to both clients and other veterinary colleagues. This includes interpreting and reviewing x-rays and ultrasound images, reporting on findings, and offering an expert interpretation on various issues. 

Emiliano takes a collaborative approach, working with your whole team to ensure your horse is taken of care, whether discussing shoeing requirements with your farrier or suitable soft tissue therapies with physiotherapists. These consultations can be done as part of a performance assessment at your yard or over the phone by request.

Other exclusive tailored services are available by special prior arrangement, such as travel abroad to perform assessments or determine suitability for purchase.

   Second opinions

Due to Emiliano’s knowledge and special interest in lameness and performance issues, we often have people seeking a second opinion from him on their horse’s issues.  We are happy to provide a second opinion; in order to have as much background as possible on your horse, we will need their medical history.  We can communicate with other veterinary practices and report back our findings to your normal vet as necessary. So whether it is a different perspective or just peace of mind that you are after, we can visit and assess your horse in order to give you another expert view.

The International Society of Equine Locomotor Pathology (ISELP)
British Equine Veterinary Association

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