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News and Updates

8/4/20 – In line with guidance from the RCVS, the BEF, BEVA, the Government and the importance of maintaining high standards of animal welfare, we can confirm that we are still able to do annual vaccinations. Likewise, horses needing their primary course of vaccinations can also be done. The only vaccinations that we will not be undertaking are 6 monthly flu vaccinations. Each visit will be risk assessed prior to booking to determine whether it can be justifiably delayed (ideally til after the end of the lockdown period).

To minimise risks, we will still be adhering to strict social distancing measures; this means that you should always be further than 2m away at all times when the vet is at your premises (where possible, you may not need to be present at all). Your horse will need to be tied up in the stable or paddock, ready for when the vet arrives, so that we can give the vaccination, sign the passport (please leave this out for us!) and then leave your premises. Maintaining greater distance enables us to continue providing essential veterinary services while still taking human health measures into account.

If you are self-isolating but need someone to assist (also applies if your horse requires a visit for emergency procedures) please let us know so that we can arrange for another member of our own team to assist. This will help reduce risks to you, us and the wider community, by keeping appropriate distances and minimising ‘outside’ or cross-contact.

To book an appointment for vaccination, please ring the office so that we can run through the arrangements with you beforehand of how we plan to do the visit. Please note that we will only be able to vaccinate horses for our registered clients.