Personal, professional and friendly independent mobile equine veterinarian covering Berkshire and surrounding counties. 

Emiliano has a special interest in lameness and poor performance investigations and we offer regenerative therapies too.

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🥳 In the commitment to continually self improve, Emiliano has become officially ISELP certified! 🤩 👏
Only a select few vets hold this certification in the UK, and there are only 83 certified members worldwide!
The International Society of Equine Locomotor Pathology ( is a global organisation dedicated to lameness in horses. They require prospective members to attend international lectures, spend an intensive period studying equine anatomy and how this relates to locomotor pathology and lameness conditions. After all this, Emiliano passed their VERY rigorous exam of practical techniques, diagnostic imaging analysis, case study presentation and published paper reviews to demonstrate critical thinking as well as awareness of biomechanics and treatment of performance issues.
It’s a very well deserved achievement as it is proof that to understand lameness, anatomy and biomechanics, are the basis of good lameness interpretation; knowledge which he is proud to share with his clients. He has always had a special interest in lameness and we look forwards to focusing more on helping horses with these issues in the future.

Our services include:

  • Lameness workups
  • Diagnostic Imaging (portable x-ray and ultrasound)
  • Pre-purchase examinations
  • Endoscopy and Gastroscopy
  • Shockwave 
  • PRP, IRAP, Lipogems and other treatments

5/1/21 – Please know that we are still able to do visits and provide care for your horses during this latest lockdown (this includes non-emergency visits, where we have assessed the risks). We will be following the RCVS and BEVA guidelines on COVID-safe ways of working as normal, which includes maintaining social distancing measures. This means that you should always be further than 2m away when the vet is at your premises, and another member of our own team can be present to ensure everyone can stay in their separate ‘bubbles’. If you are self-isolating please let us know so that we can make other arrangements. This way we can continue to provide services ensuring the continued health and wellbeing of horses, while keeping both you and our team safe.

To book an appointment, please ring the office so that we can run through the arrangements with you beforehand of how we plan to do the visit.

Katharina Ellis
Katharina Ellis
If you are looking for a reliable, extremely flexible, caring and informative vet - look no further. I came across Espinar Equine during the pandemic and am confident that I will stay with Emiliano's and his assistant Mel's support for good. The customer service I have received has been excellent - Emiliano has a wealth of knowledge of course. He is very caring and is fantastic with the horses and ponies. He is keen on new research and insights and is very attentive to my thoughts and concerns. Mel is incredibly helpful and has been replying to my messages at almost any time of day (I am sorry!). Right from the beginning Mel has been very quick to respond and very organised. Espinar Equine offers a great array of services and treatment options - being mobile, it is astonishing what can be provided all from the boot of their vehicle. I am very pleased with the service I receive and can highly recommend Espinar Equine to anyone.
Kathy Tait
Kathy Tait
I highly recommend Espinar Equine. Emiliano was fantastic when he came to do my 3 horses. I have a very fidgety mare, that hates having her teeth looked at, but Emiliano was gentle & patient. Will definitely be using Espinar Equine again.
sarah johns
sarah johns
Great vet. Honest, caring and knows his stuff. Has all the top spec equipment to do a wide variety of diagnostics and treatment without having to take horse to the hospital. Highly reccomend.
M McKernan
M McKernan
Emiliano is a first class vet! He’s very responsive when I call upon him and always enthusiastic about his work and that encourages me to have faith in his decisions as well as in his work ethic towards me as a client. I've found him to be totally reliable and dependable in the way he always wants to do the best for my horses (and is happy to explain things too!) When he discusses their health and fitness with me, it’s clear he has a very deep knowledge of their anatomy & physiology and a very insightful way of determining what needs to be done to help. Even when some conditions may appear obvious, he searches beyond the symptoms to dig more deeply into other possible problems that may be affecting them. This determination to get to the bottom of what might be causing a problem has led to us finding issues with my horses that would have been the cause of more serious problems further down the line. I’m very grateful for that because it resulted in better care for them which is most important to me and although I don’t usually place too much emphasis on money, his approach has saved more expense in the long run, which is a welcome bonus. I can only say that I'm very grateful to Emiliano for being such a conscientious vet. I'm entirely satisfied with his very high level of knowledge and skill and have every intention of retaining him as my vet for as long as he provides his services.

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